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This is an assorted online photo gallery consisting of all types of photographs, ranging from studio shots to holiday snaps, with test shots for Fuzzcraft.com and pet portraits in between. The main focus, however, is on concert photography.

Use the cursor keys to walk through the images in each gallery. Or just click the controls. Pretty much everything you see can be clicked and pretty much everything starts to move around when you do, so have fun!

There are currently well over 2,500 photos online.

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Concert photography

(fuzzmetal)Concert photography is the largest part of my work. I've shot extreme metal acts in various underground venues, but Baroeg Rotterdam is my main stage. Xinix Nieuwendijk is on a close second place, and I've also done shoots in Mezz Breda. I tend to put an edge to my photos by cropping closely and using my own coloured strobe light in addition to the available stage lighting. Frame filling, colourful shots. I rarely use black and white.

This section currently contains well over 2,500 photos of over 150 bands.

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(studio)This section shows my study of the fine art of studio and model photography. Because shooting concerts takes up a lot (most) of my time, this section is progressing very slowly, but I'm getting there, eventually.

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(snapshots)Welcome to the snapshots section. The less serious stuff sits here: experiments and shots for Fuzzcraft.com projects, our small home zoo of 3 cats and a dog, an homage to our late doggy Sloeber, holiday snaps, and various fun or otherwise interesting stuff.

These are mostly unedited shots.


(portfolio)This section used to contain my best shots, but is now dated. For the time being, I will be referring to this section as selections from the early days of my digital photography.

The categories, and the number of images in each one, are still a good measure of what I shoot, apart from concerts, which have their own section. Some of the images date back to 1999 and were taken with my first digital camera.

Photographer profile and info

(info)Name: Joris van den Heuvel
Born: The Netherlands, March 6, 1975

I started shooting pictures when I was a little kid. I had my own Instamatic 110 cassette camera with which I made my own holiday pictures, and later started using my parents' Praktica TL1000 and MTL3 manual single lens reflex cameras. I then devoted quite some years of my life to making music, and completely abandoned photography. Until 2005, when I bought a digital compact camera capable of more than just snapshots. This marked my rediscovery of photography, and not soon after, I invested in an entry level digital SLR camera and a small number of lenses to get a long lost passion going again. Nowadays, I have so much stuff it's starting to get unhealthy...

Today, my work focuses mainly on concerts in small venues. And recently I made a big step: I started doing studio shots with my new dual strobe setup.

More info about me can be found at Fuzzcraft.com


Cameras Sony Alpha 77II
Sony Alpha 700 with vertical grip
Sony Alpha NEX-5 with LA-EA1 A-mount lens adapter
Light Elinchrom D-lite 4, dual setup with softboxes
Fiber optic TTL ring flash
Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1S
80 cm light tent
Main lenses Primes
Sigma 50 mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM
Sigma 28 mm f/1.8 II Asp
Samyang 8 mm f/3.5 fisheye
Minolta 135 mm f/2.8
Sigma 10-20 mm f/4-5.6 EX DC
Sigma 17-70 mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro
Sigma 24-70 mm f/2.8 IF EX DG HSM
Sigma 70-200 mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM

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Concerts: 2010 / 1

CtuluCtulu23 Jan 2010Black metal (DE). Baroeg, Rotterdam InquisitionInquisition23 Jan 2010Black metal (US). Baroeg, Rotterdam MelecheshMelechesh23 Jan 2010Thrash/black metal (IL). Baroeg, Rotterdam
Old SeasonOld Season07 Feb 2010Doom metal (IRL). Baroeg, Rotterdam The Lamp Of ThothThe Lamp Of Thoth07 Feb 2010Doom/sludge metal (UK). Baroeg, Rotterdam Centurions GhostCenturions Ghost07 Feb 2010Traditional doom metal (UK). Baroeg, Rotterdam Saint VitusSaint Vitus07 Feb 2010Doom metal (USA). Baroeg, Rotterdam
KjeldKjeld14 Feb 2010Black metal (NL). Baroeg, Rotterdam Darkmoon WarriorDarkmoon Warrior14 Feb 2010Black metal (DE). Baroeg, Rotterdam BloodlineBloodline14 Feb 2010Black metal (SE). Baroeg, Rotterdam UrgehalUrgehal14 Feb 2010Black metal (NO). Baroeg, Rotterdam
SvarttjernSvarttjern07 Mar 2010Black metal (NO). Baroeg, Rotterdam SarkomSarkom07 Mar 2010Black metal (NO). Baroeg, Rotterdam ShiningShining07 Mar 2010Black metal (SE). Baroeg, Rotterdam
Impaled NazareneImpaled Nazarene21 Mar 2010Black metal (FI). Baroeg, Rotterdam AngantyrAngantyr21 Mar 2010Black metal (DK). Baroeg, Rotterdam HornaHorna21 Mar 2010Black metal (FI). Baroeg, Rotterdam TaakeTaake21 Mar 2010Black metal (NO). Baroeg, Rotterdam
The Way Of PurityThe Way Of Purity09 May 2010Doom/grindcore. Baroeg, Rotterdam The StoneThe Stone09 May 2010Black metal (SER). Baroeg, Rotterdam Negura BungetNegura Bunget09 May 2010Folk/black metal (RO). Baroeg, Rotterdam
One WithoutOne Without06 Jun 2010Female fronted metal (SE). Baroeg, Rotterdam GenitorturersGenitorturers06 Jun 2010Shock rock (USA). Baroeg, Rotterdam
MagionMagion18 Jun 2010Female fronted metal (NL). Xinix, Nieuwendijk Officium TristeOfficium Triste18 Jun 2010Doom metal (NL). Xinix, Nieuwendijk I DivineI Divine18 Jun 2010Symphonic black metal (HU). Xinix, Nieuwendijk